Hometown Banking

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First Security Bank has helped neighbors build strong families, homes, and businesses for decades.
We’re YOUR hometown bank serving Beaver, Oklahoma, Beaumont, Texas and surrounding areas.

Strength & Stability

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Our goal is to rank among the top performing banks for financial security, capital adequacy, asset quality, profitability, liquidity, and stability.

Support & Service

Local grocery selling an apple.


We serve the financial needs of the communities in which we do business, and our community development services provide additional benefit in many ways.

First Security Bank’s Message

Welcome to First Security Bank’s website. We pride ourselves on being a community bank driven to build and maintain quality relationships in the community we serve.

We hope your visit to our website will be both informative and pleasurable. In our continuing efforts to improve our site, we make changes from time to time. Therefore, I encourage you to browse our site often for new and exciting information on our products and services. Your thoughts and suggestions are always of interest to us.

Thank you for your visit. If we can be of further assistance, please email us at customerservice@thefirstsecuritybank.com or call us at 580-625-4500.


First Security Bank



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Our History…

First Security Bank established its charter in 1916. The original location is in the heart of Beaver, Oklahoma, located at 15 South Douglas. In 2023, First Security Bank expanded, opening its second location in Southeast Texas at 8350 Phelan Boulevard. First Security Bank is an independently-owned “home town” bank, committed to investing in the communities in which it serves. First Security Bank is a community bank with directors, officers, and employees who, for over a century, have been committed to serving the needs of our customers.


First Security Bank believes that a community-minded spirit, with a focus on developing quality relationships, are the two most important attributes of a bank. First Security Bank’s goal is to give our customers superior service in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Each day our world is becoming more technically advanced. The same is true of banking. However, at First Security Bank we want our customers to know that no matter how advanced we become, you will never be just an account number to us.